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All Wheel Drive Rear Subframe Kit
Works with B or K Series Honda Engines!
Do you want to put a 400hp Honda engine in your Mini and transfer that power into forward motion without spinning your tires off? Well that is now possible using our all new AWD rear subframe. This is the Ultimate
Classic Mini Conversion!

AWD Kit #361000 includes (everything in top photo): Custom rear subframe, upper and lower a-arm suspension,  body modification panels, 400hp rated rear axle shafts, and an anti-sway bar. Lower suspension arms include camber and alignment cam-type adjustors.

Required Extras: 1996-2001 Honda CR-V All-Wheel-Drive manual 5-speed drivetrain (complete transmission with inner front and rear cv joints, shifter with linkage cables, main driveshafts, and rear differential 'pumpkin'). Any Honda B-Series engine will fit the CR-V transmission. This kit will work using our MTB2 or MTB3 Front subframe.  Use 1990-1997 Mazda Miata rear hubs, rear outer cv joints, and disc brake components with this kit. This frame utilizes coil-over shocks (see bottom of page).

Modifications required: Certain body modifications are necessary to fit the AWD Kit. Click on the photos below see the body modifications.

AWD Rear Subframe Kit #361000
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If you are having trouble sourcing the required extras for this kit, then contact:
- Honda Parts Connection for the Honda components and
- Mazmart for the Mazda components

Warranty Information: Mini Tec will replace any part of the kit that is defective up to one year from the date of shipping.

Shipping details:
This item only ships via truck freight on a skid. You will need to provide your full shipping details when ordering. Once the order is ready to ship, you will sent a Paypal payment request for the shipping charges (other options may be available). Please email bj@superfastminis.com for a shipping quote prior to ordering.  Allow 10 business days to ship.


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