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Honda B or D Series Performance ECU's OBD1

Mini Tec is proud to offer the Mini Tec OBDI Performance chipped ECU.  A chipped ECU is a modified factory Engine Control Unit (ECU) that has been setup to read a custom programmed 28 pin EPROM with modified timing and fuel maps for your engine configuration. Mini Tec also sets custom options to allow the ECU to ignore signals that the Honda vehicle would supply but are not present in your Mini. Without these modifications the ECU would throw codes and in all probability the engine would not run properly.
The Mini Tec OBDI chipped ECU is compatible with all B & D series Honda engines with a stock or modified wiring harness. Mini Tec recommends the B&D wiring harness' for use with the chipped OBDI ECU. 
A Mini Tec chipped ECU will allow the engine to develop the most horsepower and torque via custom fuel/timing maps. Mini Tec chipped ECUís come with base-maps for the specifications you provide.
Please specify which engine that you have when ordering.

- B16 Type R Performance ECU (For all B16 Type R engines) #250130 = $495.00 Add to Cart
- B18 Type R Performance ECU (For all B18 Type R engines) #250140 = $495.00 Add to Cart
- Acura GSR VTEC Performance ECU #250150 = $495.00 Add to Cart
- D15 VTEC Performance ECU (For all D15 Series VTEC engines) #250160 = $495.00 Add to Cart
- D16 VTEC Performance ECU (For all D16 Series VTEC engines) #250170 = $495.00 Add to Cart
- B16 Performance ECU (For all B16 Series VTEC engines) #250120 = $495.00 Add to Cart

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