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MTB2 Engine Package

This package has it all.
Package Includes: Honda B16 VTEC Engine/Transmission Complete (JDM Low-mileage engine), MTB2 Kit, B2 Aluminum Radiator Kit, Poly Engine Mount Kit, Superbrake Kit, Swivels Hubs, Drive Flanges, B2 Axle Upgrade, S Coil-Over Shock Kit, B16 Chipped ECU, B Wiring Harness, and shifter.

Price #532000 = $11,820.00  $11,200.00
*Engine in above photos is a Type R. Only Type R engines come with a Red Valve Cover. Other non-Type R engines will have a black valve cover.

*All parts (excluding engine) are warranted for one year from the date of pickup/shipment. If any of the warranted parts are defective, Mini Tec will replace them at no charge and at their discretion. Labor cost are not covered or reimbursed for defective parts. This kit generally ships within 30 business days.

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