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82 Series Aluminum Coil-Over Shock Kit's


- Racer Revalveable and Rebuildable
Have 10 minutes? That's all it takes. Easy-to-follow instructions
can give you the performance edge.

- Premium Aluminum Piston

- Premium Aluminum Base Valve
Tuneable to standard or custom valvings.

- 1/2" Centerless Ground, Hard Chrome Plated, Solid Piston Rod
Precision surface eliminates piston rod flex, increasing valving consistency.

- Deflective Disc Valving
Provides consistency in production and performance throughout entire velocity range.

- Twin Tube Design
The outer tube can get dented without binding the shock.

- 1 5/8" O.D. Lightweight Aluminum Body
Amazing weight savings
Over 10% lighter than the market leader's small body aluminum shocks!
40% lighter than full size shocks!
Forged 6061-T6 aerospace quality aluminum, machined for longevity and strength.

- Can be Run Upside Down
Can be mounted upside down with no change in rate to further reduce unsprung weight.

- Replaceable 1/2" I.D. Bearings

- 100% Dyno Tested and Serialized

- Dyno Sheets Available 

511210A  (for MTB2, MTB3, MTD and MTK Kits) = $495.70  Add to Cart
360290A (used with Rear coil-over frames) = $495.70  Add to Cart
361000A (used with Rear AWD frames) = $495.70  Add to Cart
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